Coaching Testimonies


Out of 8 books, this is the most important!

Hi, My name is Jewel.

I was one of the first members in RESCUE, and now I am a coach trained by Pastor Pam. Four years ago, I was in serious demonic torment, primarily through visions.

I started out with an hour a week of deliverance counseling  by phone. All of her books helped me, especially the Fake Jesus. Once I completed the work, then Pastor Pam became my coach twice a month and in the group.

Through personal coaching, I learned how to say no in the name of Jesus Christ to every hindering thought, emotion, feeling and vision. My main lesson learned is  to resist  passivity on the spot and to resist evil spirits today and not wait for  tomorrow.

In the group, I laid out all of my torments and burdens in RESCUE and now, the demonic torment of the past is like a very distant memory. Pastor Pam tells me that I have made the most comments of anyone in the history of Rescue.  Being transparent among others really topped off my victory in Christ, for as the scriptures say, “confess your faults one to another that you might be healed.  The stats show that I have done that more than anyone.  Now I can work for Pam Sheppard Ministries and RESCUE unhindered, as I continue to bear fruit.

We use a private forum to share what we are learning on a variety of spiritual topics. It helps each member to begin to uncover many areas where we may have been bound or deceived spiritually by the wiles of the enemy.

Not, just social, the OVERALL PURPOSE IS TO gain tools to fight the enemy. We support one another in our spiritual battles, and provide each other with advice on how to handle particular spiritual situations. As a  part of our ministry to those who have been called out of the organized church or have been in demonic torment, we coach to obtain victorious living. All of the coaches are in there, along with Pastor Pam, our head coach. Only certain people are allowed in, and the group is personal and intimate. The goal is to help one another grow in truth, and to provide a sense of fellowship so that you know you are not alone, but instead in fellowship with others who may share some of the same struggles as you, or can somehow relate to your experiences. Confidential information is not revealed, so you can be anonymous. We are on a first name basis only.

We grow in truth, and in turn, help others grow in truth. It is wonderful.

Here are a few praise comments made by individual RESCUE group members. :


Chrisie: I would say “RESCUE is a safe haven where people can come share their struggles and learn from one another. I have gained so many insights from what Pam and other RESCUE members have shared in posts and comments in the RESCUE private blog. I have learned so much…I am in a completely different place than I was before RESCUE. Before coming here, I was deep in religious bondage with blasphemous thoughts, fear that I had or would commit the eternal sin, compulsions to do religious rituals such as praying, fasting, and reading the bible, which ended up taking up most of my life. I would also pressure the people around me to become religious and start attending church with me and “accept Jesus into their heart.”

Since coming to RESCUE, I have learned that a religious demon was causing me to do all these things obsessively, and that I was actually worshiping the fake Jesus—-Jesus Sananda Immanuel— rather than Jesus Christ of Nazareth. RESCUE is a place where members learn TRUTH that sets them free…free from torment and free from deception in order to prepare them for salvation. RESCUE is a safe place where people will tell you the truth because they sincerely want you to grow, to be free of torment, and to be free to be yourself. I don’t know what I would do without RESCUE. I’m in a much better place than I was before; I have more self-efficacy, less stress and anxiety; my mental health issues have improved dramatically; my religious obsessions are for the most part gone; and I am waiting expectantly for my salvation. I am so glad that I found RESCUE. It is truly a place of support, encouragement, and learning.”

Alice: Just wanted to say to PastorPam and all of you how thankful I am for RESCUE and to know you all. When I first came here I was just recovering from a long illness &, except for a couple of close friends, I had lost touch with the outside world. RESCUE is pretty much my whole social life, & as I’ve said many times before, I’ve never had but 1 or 2 people I could talk to about things we discuss here, the things I always questioned. I never would have imagined an entire group of people at once who understood me, who had so much knowledge That I was looking for, & it’s not all fake niceness & sugar-coated stuff. In RESCUE, people are direct & say what they mean. So thankful to be here & to Pam for having this group.

ADI: I haven’t heard or read anything posted by Pam that has harmed me. Yes I’ve had my pride bruised and my world shaken not stirred but all to my benefit. I have watched what are the common elements of a cult and in all of them is brainwashing and a denial of freedoms. I don’t see any of this in Rescue. I’m encouraged to examine everything and use my common sense. I’m not under any pressure to comment or share or give money. I’m free to leave when I want. I’m not free to disrespect others or Pam, that’s just rude. The message has NEVER EVER CHANGED in all the time I’ve been here. The leader is not afraid to admit her lack of knowledge on any topic or to learn from others in the group.

So  welcome to the best thing online EVER! When I left church I told them that I was on a quest for truth and that the Lord was telling me to step back from those church responsibilities and reevaluate my walk with him. It worked and now I say I’m on a sabbatical.

There’s lots to learn and read here so focus on absorbing all you can. As for the other things in your life you can remove yourself one at a time since you’ll lose the desire for them and you’ll become more of a hindrance than a help. Otherwise just strap in and be ready for the strangest maybe most difficult time of your life. When Pam and the truth entered my world, my life was turned inside out and upside down. The rug was pulled from under me and the one pillar I was leaning on, was now dust. It’s been three years and I have NO REGRETS!

ALLEN:  Coming from the Institutional church,  i did know myself up to a certain degree, however i was powerless in dealing with my secret sin.I perfectly knew what were my weaknesses, but had no or very little power to fight it because of the deception. Coming to Rescue has caused the enemy to loosen his foothold on my mind.


One area the devil has really messed with is the gospel & salvation. A clear understanding of the gospel and the ability to differentiate a false conversion from a true born again experience takes ground away from the enemy and they wont be able to pull a fast one on you.

I came to RESCUE with a false conversion which is now broken, I now focus on working on my soul. As for salvation, I dont even fret over it, salvation belongs to God and he gives as he chooses and in his timing. My faith is steadfast that God will call me at his appointed time and take me through the salvation experience where my spirit will be made alive in him. It’s not blind faith though, it is backed by the journey I have had – from being extremely religious, full of questions and demonically tormented, to no torment, living in peace, getting answers and being able to discern the true gospel from the false one.

my condition was definitely caused by demons since i would be in distress and never really wanted to hear the gospel. The demons were blocking me from the gospel. the demons doing this have ceased and with that comes a feeling of relief. The word healing means to restore, make someone sound again. The soundness of mind i have received is a a sign to me that healing has occurred.

I already see healing happening in this ministry to be honest, like i shared earlier in the Bible study today, i now can read the gospel and the words of Jesus without lewd comments or thoughts attacking me. What seems so simple was very hard for me, i would get into a panic if i had to read a verse from the 4 gospel – something i can now do with ease.

My mind i would say has been healed, because the lewd comments always felt like a blow to my head. What i notice and we have shared here several times is how subtle the Holy Spirit moves at times, you might not even catch it till after the fact when you realize hey! am healed!!!


My early experience with the Christian world was much about my family pretty much forcing me to go to church since I was a young child and instilling that in me for a long time. It was pretty much ingrained in me. The church I grew up going to made such a big deal about being baptized (baptist church), so I felt pressured by my family to give in and get baptized. I thought this would purify me and automatically save me. The sermons I heard early on in childhood were boring but I was too scared to really tell anyone how I felt. The sermons often flew over my head. I did voice out to my mom that I didn’t want to go to church every dang Sunday. But she just continued to pressure us to go. I would feel guilty if I skipped church. It was such a big thing to my mom.

Next it was the African churches. They dance, scream, holler in the church. They gather around in circles and lay their hands on you to pray for you, and these prayers are extra long. The mistake was that after I became an adult, I still allowed my families religious beliefs to strongly influence me instead of me figuring out for myself what this “Christian” thing was all about and if it was really a good idea for me to commit to this. But I was a follower and easily influenced by people because I wanted to fit in. These churches were big on things like the prosperity gospel, so I fell for it, feeling strangely pressured to donate money because I thought God would bless me for it and I thought if I didn’t do it, my life wouldn’t be as blessed.

I would go to church to seek out help if things weren’t right in my life and I wanted something in return (relationship, help with friends, health, job concerns). It was never because I genuinely sought out God.

Then the torment came and I started going to church even more. I started hearing from the enemy telling me to do things. I went to my pastor for help and he had me write down what they were saying and doing to me. I began following what he was saying but shortly after the torment got much worse. I was kneeling to the floor, feeling helpless, I was under attack. The intensity of them increased so much in my head. I felt so scared. So I did a google search on voices and Jesus. I found pastor Pam and rescue. I started watching her videos and everything just started making sense.

At first I did NOT want to leave the church. I actually thought it was a trick from the enemy to take me out of church and worsen my condition even more but when the torment got so bad I emailed RESCUE and said, ok I will listen now lol. Glad I did. . Thanks to pam I learned many helpful things. I was a blind mess before stepping into rescue. I am still learning, it is ongoing.


When i was on drugs and just hanging out kicking it, not being focussed on the truth,  i did have a thought in my head— damn i’m going fucking nuts!

WTF!  i couldn’t stop my mind from running. it was messed up but getting sober worn Pastor Pam coaching me on the phone and being active in RESCUE was the cure for me.  i got my sanity back.  i got more of myself back.  I’m still struggling but i detect it is easier now. i was hearing voices really bad and physical torment.  I typed hearing voices in a search  and i found Pastpr Pam. i gave her a call and as soon as i accepted  the truth, the torment was gone immediately. That was 4 years ago.



For as long as I can remember myself, I have dreamt every night and day (when I did sleep). These dreams were usually nightmares, filled with scary images, or sexual, or a little girl trying to get me to follow her or other stuff that made me feel fearful. As I grew older the dreams became more sexual and quiet frankly I didn’t mind, being an adolescent and all. However, the after effects would be guilt, shame, deep depression, hopelessness, feelings of isolation and I would have this deep sorrow that led to bouts of crying, like out of the blue. For the most part of my adolescent years I felt alone and a part of dream world /sleep state. Life was kinda bummy, so I escaped through sleep. When I slept I entered another world through dreams. This continued into my adult years and I started using it as a point of direction for my life. Like God is talking to me through my dreams. I guess I spiritualized it. It made me more fearful!!! Like I dream a bad thing happening. It’s gonna happen! Please God make it stop. Pray and fast to reverse that. And then when it did happen I would feel like I did something wrong to upset God, He didn’t hear, He allowed it to happen, Why God? what is the lesson? This year, I did the religious detox, stopped that church thing and all the religious stuff. Admittedly, I am surprised how easy that was for me to do. At times, I do feel to do stuff but its easy not to.

Since being inRESCUE, !y dreams decreased dramatically! I am shocked. The few dreams I had would be someone trying to engage me sexually and I resisted them, IN MY DREAM (something I never did or knew I had to do). These dreams have stopped! I no longer get sexual dreams! After practically all my life it would seem. I get other dreams now and then, like people trying to do mean things to me but in the dream I always resist them or fix them good and proper and put them in their place! The dreams are so few now I never thought this could be. Those weird thoughts George says he has, I used to get that too.

Now its gone. Like I just don’t listen. I feel like a rebel (and I like it). I just don’t listen to nothing I feel “led” to do, I jus stay still or use my brains. And if they say it through someone, I fix them good and proper and put them in their place and go my way. I feel stronger and sharper. Clearer in my thinking. I could see now how it IS all an illusion to bring torment. It disturbs your peace of mind and your life because you don’t feel and see the world the way it is. You feel like an outsider in the world. Like a weirdo. Like not normal. Always plagued with problems “normal” thinking people don’t have! You really have to use your free will and common sense to align your thoughts properly and not allow these evil agents access through your passivity. Or else they will run havoc in your life! You feel like you living in the movies or something. Like does all this crap happen to other people? Like really? Illusions, Smokescreens, Charades, Veils and Lies.

Actually, I never had a phone session with Pastor Pam, but I read some of her books and  I would read all the testimonies RESCUE and think I would never to rid of my demons, but now its like I didn’t even know they were gone. They just aren’t there anymore! I feel like I’m am living a different life. Like I’m walking in sunshine to me I didn’t do anything much except the religious detox and not go to church!

But the results are amazing. It jus happened and I didn’t know until I check myself!

Gloria 2

My stumbling blocks have been my catholic upbringing where it was drilled into me that i have to work for God’s love, then i moved to the Pentecostal church and said the sinner’s prayer, within days i started to suffer from mental torment, so i couldn’t read the gospel because of this, i stuck with the OT.

My situation was pretty much, religious demons mixed with ancestral demons fighting each other. I suffered but foolishly thought am suffering for Christ. I came across one of Pam’s blogs and that was the beginning of being set free, the torment stopped immediately and for the first time in a long while i could hear & discuss the gospel freely without fear of mental torment, my access to the gospel was denied for years but look at how God’s plans cannot be thwarted even with all those principalities & powers coming against me, i still came to hear the truth.

hearing the real gospel has above everything caused me to find rest in the fact that God is in control – i had a very busy mind that has quieted down, i have a respect for Gods word, something i lacked when in the IC cause i could quote verses out of context and i have gained and still gaining more knowledge about myself, this is crucial because you need to know how to separate the spiritual from the non-spiritual.

There are some habits i thought were demons but it was my personality. e.g. i have a tendency to get fearful especially if am passive watching a show or drifting off to sleep, as soon as i check myself it stops, the catastrophic thinking is something am also dealing with to rid myself completely. that being said there is a demon of fear as well which can team up with your flesh, with counselling you should be able to know whether your are dealing with a demon or if its just you. i’ve discovered some times the devil doesn’t even have to do anything, we can be our own worst enemies.


Less than two month ago, I felt like my mind was deteriorating. Like, if that’s what someone told me a retard/mentally ill person felt, I would believe it. My mind was dulled and it was slow, my brain was disoriented. I had to make a SERIOUS effort to think rationally. I’d talk to people and have trouble formulating sentences cuz I had to use more brainpower for simple tasks. It felt like a haze of confusion and like I was going crazy. I didn’t have that symptom when I first contacted you, I’d guess it came a week later.

Actually yeah, first contact I did not have it. Then came our first counseling session and I did. Second contact, it was gone and has been since, A few days before contacting Pam I was scared about losing salvation and prayed w/my mouth to be spared of hell then got a TERRIBLE pain in my chest. The closest I can tell you it felt was damnation. Then I had demonic sorrow/weeping with hopelessness for a while.

So yeah these things weren’t of me and I guess I was being hit with different tricks.

Been feeling better, all this stuff is gone now as well as a spiritual chest pain.Have hope it’ll clear too. A few days before contacting Pam I was scared about losing salvation and prayed w/my mouth to be spared of hell then got a TERRIBLE pain in my chest. The closest I can tell you it felt was damnation. Then I had demonic sorrow/weeping with hopelessness for a while.

So yeah these things weren’t of me and I guess I was being hit with different tricks.

After my false conversion, lost interest in EVERYTHING that wasn’t religious. I thought my life was religion, religion, religion all the time. I would ask God for permission to do anything. For His help on mundane matters that a child could do. I was brainwashed and it was exhausting always trying to pinpoint what God wanted through stray thoughts.

Since pastor Pam and RESCUE, I have been making great strides in being free of torment. This is the best I’ve felt all year since I fell for the demon’s tricks since late December. I am feeling normal and in CONTROL again. It’s an awesome feeling. I never thought there would be relief from feeling like myself again. I ain’t takin it for granted again, passivity is choosing to live in chains. FORGET that. Time to BUILD baby!!

Tina: “A divine vomit session awaits you who remain so untrusting that you refuse to open up.”

I have waited for this day for a LONG TIME.Honestly, I thought it would never or could never happen; I thought that I would have to go through the rest of my life, holding it all in, wondering if I could ever gain any true freedom, or any true soundness of mind if I couldn’t completely come clean to another;

I remember thinking and saying to myself, while rationalizing that it would just be like this: “there are not a lot of people out there that you cannot trust so-called Christians are no different.” People stereotype, apply stigmas to you, and are not wise in their understanding although they claim to be. I thought to myself, ” If I don’t understand me and haven’t been able to process it all, how the heck would I process it all with another. It takes too much time, care and concern, love and demand. And who has time for that…who has time for all that emotional and demonic gunk??

Who has time for me?……………RESCUE!





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