Deliverance Counseling By Phone

What is Deliverance Counseling?

Here are 4 short videos that define the process.



Most RESCUE members have come to terms with the fact that while in church, they have had a false conversion.  So some members are waiting for salvation. In the back of your minds, some come into deliverance  considering that their case is impossible.

Jesus Christ of Nazareth told the rich young ruler that the salvation of a rich man was like trying to put a camel through the eye of a needle—in other words, with man it is impossible. Such is the case with me even though wealth was not my issue. A devout heathen who refused to go to church, read the bible, or pray and who believed that Jesus Christ was a myth on a par with Santa Claus, my case was a certain impossibility for man. Therefore, my own salvation on Monday, March 29, 1977 at about 4pm is a testament to how God alone can put a camel through the eye of a needle. The Lord did for me what was impossible for man to accomplish with his ministries, a tract or even a sermon. I was an atheist, not looking for a being I did not believe existed.

so if the Holy Ghost could save me, He can save anyone.

So I ask the question, “Can Satan block God?” Well, when he got kicked out, he took one-third of God’s angels with him.

I suspect he can block God temporarily. nevertheless, God always has a plan and a strategy to unblock what is blocked. Deliverance counseling is the plan that he gave to me for telephone

This is one of the reasons RESCUE exists. To unblock what is blocked through deliverance counseling..

Deliverance counseling also includes pastoral counseling. Once the spiritual damage incurred while a churchgoer has been overcome, RESCUE members who are in regular phone  sessions  work on  serious life challenges or  difficult life-cycle transitions that may be taxing their current ability to live victoriously.  Examples of serious life challenges can be dealing with chronic work-related stressors; career issues; financial problems; health issues or a recent health diagnosis; family or parent/child conflict; cultural assimilation; and academic issues. Examples of difficult life-cycle related transitions can be the death of a family member or friend; the ending of a romantic relationship or close friendship; family/couple changes related to the addition of a child; getting married or divorced; caregiving for loved ones due to illness or disability; and decision-making challenges related to these life choices. These are just some of the issues I address with RESCUE members, and there are more that I have not covered here like drug and sexual problems as examples.

Deliverance counseling deals with all aspects of life, spirit, soul and body.

send an email to or call 888-818-1117  to set up a telephone session.


Jules: Well I will say this you do have to be careful who counsels you. When I first talked Pam I said this is the person I want to counsel me. I knew my problems were spiritual and yet people around were telling that it was a chemical imbalance. I never really bought that I am too stable of a person mentally. My cheese was not slipping off my cracker it was the enemy the whole time. Now some people really do have bona fide serious mental health issues that should be addressed by a psychiatrist. I laid out all my problems in RESCUE and I received a lot of healing just by being in group therapy.

All of us in RESCUE either have or had issues to work through. We just keep pressing forward. When I first met Pam, I was religious and I had to we ork through that. I was a bible quoter and I had a scripture for just about everything and I had to drop that. It was a form of godliness and not real TRUTH.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. In terms of humans, Pam is the one person that really knows the most about me as person. I never knew that I could share the deepest, darkest afflictions that I had but I was able to with Pam. I love Pam she has been a mother to me in a way that my fleshly can not be. I am thankful to Christ that he sent Pam my way to show me that I was lost but now I have been found. I look back at my life and it is sheer miracle that I am home at last.

Tee: I was deeply wounded by church. I needed counseling to get through it; among other things in my life where the enemy was involved. I was not necessarily damaged, but there were a lot of wounds there. Most of the hurt eventually went away by the time I met Pam, but there were still issues that needed to be dealt with. To be honest, religion destroyed me. It took away who I am, and made me into this person who had a form of Godliness, with no power of Jesus Christ. Once I sorted through everything, I was able to see everything for what it was.

One thing I have ALWAYS wanted was a counselor. I feel like I just needed counseling for issues in my life. I enjoy having a counselor now. Pastor Pam has helped me sort through a lot of issues in my life, issues that affected me through religion, the occult, or just situations in my life where the enemy has been involved. I always felt like I could benefit from counseling, and it has helped me TREMENDOUSLY. I have overcome a LOT because of her. ! In fact, I don’t want to let you go and in RESCUE, I don’t have to. As one of her mentors, I have unlimited phone access to Pastor Pam.

Bernice: I completed deliverance mentoring with Tee and I am now doing phone counseling with Pastor Pam. I am still amazed at the relief from torment. I would say that I have 70 percent relief at this point. I am sleeping so much better and I even thought this morning, I’m going to take a chance on a cup of real coffee. Since this began, caffeine has been intolerable. Well, I went to the market café and got a regular coffee, coconut crème flavor, and drank it all, with no ill effects. First time in 4 years. It was a great cup of coffee.

Cheryl: I have found the phone sessions to be very helpful especially in areas I may need extra counseling! Pastor Pam has helped me work through several self esteem issues as well. I notice after a a session certain issues I have had seem to dwindle if not become resolved through reason and wisdom!!

Stephanie:  I Am sorry I left RESCUE. I think about yall, particularly Pastor Pam at least once a day. .because of you I no longer have terror. I also think I was just coming off of geodon and was going through a rough spot and getting depressed because I was going to end up living with my daughter but I didn’t have much choice. I am grateful to you for telling me the truth about me not being saved after all. My psychiatrist has dropped my medication and he has wondered why I have progressed so much. I told him deliverance counseling with Pastor Pam.

Amy Beth: Since I came to RESCUE, I have received deliverance from things I was plagued with for years, torment that was not helped byyears of counseling, therapy, deliverance sessions in the institutionalized church, and ridiculous amounts of medicine. There were times that, especially in the beginning, it was so hard at times to go against what every ounce of my being felt was true, I had to go against my gut feelings. At times it was scary and felt like jumping off a cliff, hoping that there would be a net to catch me, but knowing that if I was wrong, there was no going back, because I was afraid of doubting my past religious experiences.

In the Charismatic churches I grew up with, they taught that that was blaspheming the Spirit, to believe a manifestation or religious experience was from a bad spirit, and that that would grieve the Holy Spirit and cost you your salvation. But the things is, I’m sure you’ve heard the expression that the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing expecting a different result. I took the risk of going against what my heart told me. All my life I have followed my heart, and the truth is, the heart will lie to you.Just like the verse says about the heart being deceitfully wicked.I took the leap and am so glad.

Sharmila:  Many thanks Pam, I feel so privileged. I had wild  supernatural experiences with many many churches and different pastors who swindled me in one way or the other in the name of deliverance but my manifestations never stopped. I found them all fake! I stopped Church 4yrs before joining RESCUE. I continuously prayed to God to show me one TRUE person in this world because I believed that only a Righteous person can deliver me!

Pastor Pam, I found you Righteous! An atom bomb of experiences, truthful and humble…., When I landed at your website and video’s …I totally believed in you, I completely trusted you! I had deep conviction my deliverance was destined here… I was adamant to be hooked to you, even if it took me years… It hasn’t taken years.  In a few months of counseling, all my demonic manifestations stopped. During my phone sessions,  I find it so wonderful to float in truth with the truth and be around Pam!


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