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Deliverance From Demons Involves Detox

Pam Sheppard Ministries

By Pastor Pam Sheppard

From 90 days to 6 months, perhaps a year, the church addict’s mind must be re-trained. False doctrines and practices that the churchgoer has believed in for decades must be challenged so that the soul can be renewed. As God Himself has compared false worship to prostitution or whoredom , I am not out of line in making a similar comparison. A religious or spiritual addiction can be compared to “good sex” with someone you know does not really love you. Simply put, you get hooked to the thrill and the feeling. Those of us who have never “been there and done that” wonder what the thrill is for a masochist.” a quote from “Come out of Her God’s people)

Masochism from a psychiatric perspective is defined as a condition in which sexual gratification depends on suffering, physical pain and humiliation gained from despair, deprivation, and…

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Near Death Experiences: What’s the Motive?

As spiritual coachings, we train those we work with to be able to recognize evil within what appears to be good.

Pam Sheppard Ministries

By Pam Sheppard

A “walk in” is actually a fallen angel who is said to enter the body of someone who went through a near-death experience and was still alive when the demon moved their spirit aside and “took over” both the body and the soul during or after resuscitation. In other words, as the spirit of an accident victim or of a terminally sick person loses the will to live on an operating table and begins to vacate the body, the demon steps in and takes over the dying just moments before their appointment with death. If this is true, with all of the “near death experiences” that have been reported in our lifetime who have been resuscitated, the foundation of a global build-up of true demon possession is already laid. In fact, it is not surprising that literally every “near death survivor” has “come back to life” preaching…

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Pam Sheppard

When I was rather deep into the occult, New Age world in the early 70’s, looking backclick book cover for ebook and the book title for the paperback now, I realize that I was under severe demonic torment.  The enemy tends to torment those that he knows that God intends to save.  I was steeped into the occult for 3 years, when like a whirlwind, the Holy Ghost scooped me up and caused me to be born again on a Monday, March 29, 1977 at 4pm in my living room.  Once I was born again, the torment completely stopped.  However, the fake Jesus didn’t stop.  He simply changed his tactics from torment to  demonic deception, which is yet another story.

I did not suffer from the torment, because I have a kind of “Star Trek” type of personality and my rational yet flexible mind did not realize that the fallen angels were trying to send me crazy.  I’m sure…

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Free Spiritual Growth Courses

“What is covered, shall be uncovered, what is hid, shall be made known!”

To be made free by truth is our goal!

All courses are free.

E-books are on sale @ $10 each. No more than 2 books required per course, except for Deliverance Prep, where 3 books are required. 

The Truth About Salvation Add to Cart

The focus of this course is to both highlight and simplify the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth’s very profound statement concerning counterfeits, so basic and so elementary that we often neglect to consider that “we shall know them by their fruit.” In this course, 3 R’s are emphasized: Repentance, Rebirth and Resurrection. It will become clear to you whether we choose God or has God already chose us before we were born.

Deliverance Prep Add to Cart

Far too many of us neglect or minimize the danger of deception as a tool to put us in bondage. So simply put, you will learn how fallen angels and demons specialize, particularly how demonic seduction and temptation relates to you and your interactions with the people in your world. This course deals with essentials truths, principles and practices needed to overcome deception, by exposing false doctrine, the nature of seducing spirits, the unseen forces in control of the institutional church as well as those personality and character traits that draw various evil spirits to us. Through this course, you will also learn how to detox from religion.

How to Try the Spirits Add to Cart

You will learn the difference between discerning of spirits and human discernment as well as why and how confirmation can come from the enemy. Some of the video titles within this course include : Recognizing the Voice of God,, How to Beware of Supernatural Set-Ups, A Historical Perspective of the Institutional Church, Why Catholics and Other Christian Cults Cannot Try the Spirits, Building Up Your Freewill, and How Doubt can be Your Best Friend.

Demonic Soul Ties Add to Cart

This course is unique as it deals with two sides of this subject: Demonic soul ties with both human beings and also soul ties between human beings and evil spirits. On the human to human side, societal, religious and cultural issues that influence access to evil spirits to join together an unholy union are addressed, including but not limited to soulmate fantasies and assumptions, Prince Charming, the Boaz Fantasy, in bondage to a narcissist, and Marriage and Soul tie Scam of religious evil spirits. On the spirit side, topics include: communal intoxication. Spirit rape, the Bridal Paradigm, spiritual husbands and Romancing Jesus.

Torment and Fear Add to Cart

This course explores the meaning and the source of irrational fears, including blasphemous thoughts, the unpardonable sin, the fear of hell, and end-times. the fear of Satan, devils and demons. These subjects and issues are discussed within the overall context of toxic religion and presents strategies and solutions as how to overcome fear and torment with faith and peace.

Satan’s End-time Agenda Add to Cart

We are living in a time when just about everybody in the world has a sense that we are at or near the end of the world as we know it. Do we do nothing, and just wait for the bomb to fall? No, we do as the Lord said: watch, wait and prepare for various events must transpire before He returns to earth. This course explores how fallen angels have been planning for the coming of the Anti-Christ, an event that the scriptures warn must occur before Jesus Christ of Nazareth returns. Some of the course topics include: Russia and America, God’s Angels vs Fallen Angels, the One World Harlot Church, and much more!

The Institutional Church in End-times Add to Cart

This course provides a very simple narrative of a very complicated institution, the organized church. The simplicity of the historic overview provides a practical sense of where the IC has been over the last 1700 years so that each participant will be able to withstand the devil’s tricks and wiles that will be manifested through false prophet in our time. Some of the topics in this course include and are not limited to fallen angels masquerading as ascended masters, how to avoid being deceived in end times, preparing for the tribulation, and understanding some of the Lords parables with emphasis on His own words as recorded by John in the book of Relation.

The Religious Demon Add to Cart

Since the religious demon has many faces and facets, this course explores this entity as a seducing spirit, a teacher of false doctrine and practices, an idolatrous spirit, an accusing and condemning spirit with the ulterior motive to make the power of God of none effect, and to cause God’s people to be weak in faith. Some components of this course include: The Religious Demon Described, The Religious Demon and Passivity, and the Religious Demon as the spirit of the Antichrist. How this entity works in its various forms is also addressed.

False Conversions Add to Cart

A false conversion is presented as fulfilling the bible’s reference to the great falling away. This course will not only define what a false conversion is, but it also explains how and why it manifests. The participant will come to understand the reason why producing a false conversion is the number one objective of a religious demon aka the spirit of the antichrist. Topics addressed are doctrines and practices that serve to create a false conversion, like the invitation, the altar call, the sinner’s prayer, easy believism, the decisional gospel, works versus grace. The element of a true born again experience are also addressed through teachings on the 3 R’: repentance, resurrection, both of which produces rebirth.


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Clean Up Your House Before the Lord Returns!

How could the Lord NOT KNOW YOU? Perhaps because YOU accepted Him, making salvation a work of your flesh. A boasting. Easy believism, a product of the preaching of a decision also gospel is the culprit behind countless false conversions.

Preparing For End-Times

When you “accepted” Jesus, you may not realize it but you lifted up self. Your boasting was made easy.


Salvation is a free gift from God to prevent us from boasting that “we accepted Jesus!”

It is important to state here that nothing stops God, not even the church. When the Lord is ready for the you, He will call you.

If you are sitting on a church pew, He can still call you regardless of the various false doctrines you have been listening to.

The problem is that many of the elect who are in church believe that they are already saved but they are not. If you are one of them The Father plans to save you.

Nevertheless, for the Holy Ghost to draw you to a genuine salvation experience, the strong man must be bound with the light of truth. ”

the “strong man” is a…

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BE Set Free From Endtime Fear!

If you belong to the Lord, natural disasters should not cause you to fear.

Pam Sheppard Ministries

In the USA, fear overtook us in the month of September, on the 11th day in 2001.

I recall the day well. A New Yorker from birth, I sat in front of the TV, bible open to Revelation 18. I saw both towers hit and watched in shock and amazement as the dust from the fallen buildings ran like a subway around the city, looking much like what is described in the scripture concerning “world trade:”

The merchants of these things, which were made rich by her, shall stand afar off for the fear of her torment, weeping and wailing, And saying, Alas, alas that great city, that was clothed in fine linen, and purple, and scarlet, and decked with gold, and precious stones, and pearls! For in one hour so great riches is come to nought. And every shipmaster, and all the company in ships, and sailors, and as…

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Don’t Lose Your Crown With Fast Food Religion and Quick Fix Deliverances

RESCUE FELLOWSHIP will help you discover how deep your faith goes as we prepare you to be an overcomer as Satan tries to overpower God’s people with powerful distractions and temptations to undergird deception. RESCUE is a safe bootcamp to strengthen and empower you.

Pam Sheppard Ministries

armorThe bible warns that the conditions at the end of the age will “wax worse and worse” men deceiving and being deceived.(2 Timothy 3:13) and many children of God will be deceived, possibly destroyed, because of a lack of discernment, becoming unconscious vessels for the enemy to use in the DAY of his power. (Matthew 24:10). Therefore, it is mandated that every true believer must be prepared to stand alone in order to emerge as an overcomer. To be prepared means that you have been trained in peace time but most often, while you are actually in the battle.

Unfortunately, we are not prepared for what is happening among this generation’s religious people.  Whether in church or absent from Her, Satan is pulling out all  his last stops including spirit rape, voices, intrusive blasphemous thoughts and horrifying visions to let religious folk know, that he is in control of them. 

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Psychological Manipulation: A Strategy of Fake News, Fake Religion and Trumpian Politics

At RESCUE Online Church, we fight psychological manipulation as a plague, to be destroyed. Interested? Call 888-818-1117

Preparing For End-Times

Psychological manipulation is a type of social influence that aims to change the behavior or perception of others through abusive, deceptive, or underhanded tactics.[1] By advancing the interests of the manipulator, often at another’s expense, such methods could be considered exploitative, abusive, devious, and deceptive. Social influence is not necessarily negative. For example, doctors can try to convince patients to change unhealthy habits. The process of manipulation involves bringing an unknowing victim under the domination of the manipulator, often using deception, and using the victim to serve their own purposes.

In Trumpian politics, the primary manipulative  strategy is to vilify  or in street terms “bad mouth” the media, public officials and  all opponents.   Unable to accept ever being wrong, Trump projects all blame on his adversaries and steals all credit for anything considered positive, like an increase in employment. When he feels the pressure of things not going HIS way, then…

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Kim Burrell As A Preacher

When you are preaching, you are standing between two worlds: the spirit and the flesh. If your spirit is not in control, the enemy will use your emotions and your personal situation to influence the message. I suspect this is what happened to Kim Burrell, a woman of God who is NOT homophobic. As a preacher myself, I know because it has happened to me.

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LGBTQ: There is No Such Thing As a Gay Christian!

Anything or behavior that you believe is out of the control of your will, should be considered to be n evil spirit, a demon that need to be cast out of YOU! That includes an effeminate or sodomite spirit.



Recently, I wrote an article in defense of the recent incident involving Kim Burrell, and I was attacked by a churchgoing Christian member of the LGBTQ community.  Originally, Sam (his name has been changed,) did not reveal that he was gay. BUt as the email thread continued, he “came out” as a homosexual Christian who speaks in tongues and believes he is gifted by the Holy Ghost. The thread is long because I refused to be bullied by Sam, when he commanded that I stop answering his emails.  I let him know that if he continued to write to me, I would continue to respond.  The way to stop the thread was on him.  Simply put, once Sam stopped writing mean these nasty, mean-spirited emails, I too would stop commenting because I would have nothing to respond to.  

Sam’s  stubbornness was strong.  Finally,  he stopped writing. The thread is way too…

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Kim Burrell: Bullied And Labelled Homophobic!

Some homosexuals desire to “come out from among them.” If you are one of them, complete the contact form at the bottom of the post.



Paul the Apostle was clear when he wrote that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.  This is why none of us can save ourselves by repeating a sinner’s prayer, performing good works or “accepting Jesus.”  Not only do we sin with our behavior but we sin with our thoughts.  So prior to being born again,  we can’t even keep track of our sins.

Consequently,   keeping this spiritual fact in mind, why can’t  the LGBTQ community and its supporters and advocates simply accept the  fact that besides other sins, same gender sex is sin?

What I perceive in this emotional outcry against Kim Burrell simply  exercising her right as a preacher to sermonize  in a Christian pulpit where she has the authority  in accordance with the word of God,  is sin within itself—  not only of blatant   bullying, but Paul described it in yet another way. He wrote…

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A Word to Kim Burrell: It Aint About LGBTQ!

For those of you who do not know what happened, Kim Burrell has been heading toward fame as a jazz- Christian singer. She is about to be on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

Kim Burrell arrives at the Staples Center for the 54th Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California, February 12, 2012. AFP PHOTO  Joe KLAMAR (Photo credit should read JOE KLAMAR/AFP/Getty Images)
Kim Burrell arrives at the Staples Center for the 54th Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California, February 12, 2012. AFP PHOTO Joe KLAMAR (Photo credit should read JOE KLAMAR/AFP/Getty Images)

Well, Burrell is also a preacher, started her own church in 2010. In a recent sermon preached at her church, she called homosexuality a sin in a rather bold and strong way. Someone in the congregation must have video taped her and put in on the web, and it went viral. The LGBTQ community is in a huff, and she has been called out by lots a folk, both gay and straight, particularly from her peers, including the likes of Shaka Kahn, Janelle Monae, and Pharrell.

The problem is that Burrell   is a carnal Christian, appearing to me to be serving  two masters, and BOTH masters are of the world where Satan is the god. Actually, she is serving ONE master with two opposing agendas, the Institutional church and the music industry. Clearly she works with gays, fellowships with them, benefits from their community and they feel betrayed. Nevertheless, though quite wild and graphic,  everything she  preached is  correct and righteous.

I watched Burrell’s video response to the viral outrage.

I must say that I like her. She is a sweet person. I also  like her boldness and her courage.  Nevertheless, Kim Burrell is   deceived. In her  response, my spirit discerns that  she  love  gay people  but the rest of her response was “without wisdom and spiritual knowledge.” . The outraged folk now perceive her as  an hypocritical phony, and they are hell-bent to destroy her music career.

I think I can help you Kim  to gain some perspective as to what may be going on here.



The Internet reveals that your net worth is 5 million dollars.  With that kind of money, you can live the rest of your life prospering so take the money and run!!!!I  speak from experience.

I have been a minister for 35 years, born again for 40 years.  When I was an atheist back in the 60’s, I openly and freely had gay friends when such behavior was totally unacceptable to that world. SInce I was an atheist back then, I had no contact with the church world.  Once I got to church in 1979, I found a lot of hypocrisy where sins of all kinds are concerned, including down-low homosexuality and lesbianism within not only the sheepfold but the pastors. Like  you, Kim,  I was bold enough to preach the word of God against perversions of all kinds. I created many church enemies.  It did me no good nor the people any good because church folk  really don’t take seriously  a preacher who exposes sin.

This is the reality of the world we live in today, for the church has been a part of the world for centuries now. The sin of homosexuality is merely one in a bagful of sins.  The church is equally as sinful as the music, TV and movie  industry. As the god of this world, Satan is trying to unite ALL of his kingdom’s together.

So what is happening to you Kim, is a message from God.

You cannot mix Christ with Belial!!! This is YOUR sin. 

 So understand that the people are being unmerciful to you because it is God who has hardened their hearts in order to save you from being among THEM, and I am not just referring to LGBTQ but the entire Christian music industry and the institutional church, the end-time Harlot. .   If singing MUST be  your career, then take Christ out of it and go and sing jazz, the blues  or whatever. I listened to you today and I would put you in a class with Sarah Vaughn, or Lena Horne.  They did well without the institutional church.

You have enough money to do whatever you want to do as long as you take control over your finances. With that kind of money, you are set for life.

When people come against you like this Kim. it is because you are a chosen vessel of God.  If you were of them, they would cut you some slack and love you. But their hatred is a sign that you belong to Jesus.



I personally believe that those who want to be delivered from any  perversion can do so in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  Deliverance is a major component of my ministry.  so if you need help, complete the contact form below.


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The time has come to get ready for Satan’s attack.

Pam Sheppard Ministries

PREPARE! The Antichrist is coming FIRST, then the true Lord Jesus Christ!PREPARE! The Antichrist is coming FIRST, then the true Lord Jesus Christ!

In one chapter, Revelation 12:12, you will find a brief history of mankind, beginning with the birth of the Lord and ending with Satan making war with the remnant of her seed.

Most see the woman in that scripture as Israel.  How could the woman be end-time Israel when among those verses, the woman  is described as the mother of “those who keep the commandments of God and who have the testimony of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ.”  No, the seed is not the nation Israel.  The seed is all of those around the world who are born again, aka “the elect of God.”

But what really stands out for me is the phrase that reads “the devil has come down unto you, having great wrath.  Why?  BECAUSE HIS TIME IS SHORT.

So counting from the day that the Lord…

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How To Renew Your Mind!


The Apostle Paul wrote to the Romans, “be not conformed to THIS world but be transformed by the renewing of the mind so that you can prove the perfect will of God for your

Pam Sheppard Head Coach and Pastor of RESCUE
Pam Sheppard
Head Coach and Pastor of RESCUE

life.” He also warned the Corinthians about casting down imaginations and thoughts that could exalt themselves ABOVE the knowledge of God. Paul implied that all thoughts could be “captured” and brought into obedience to the will of God. We know the general will of God from His word. However, it is the Holy Ghost Who provides the direction of our individual lives once our minds have been renewed.

Therefore, a renewed mind proceeds knowing what God’s will for US is.

So I suggest to you that discovering the will of God for your life involves a renewal. There are some key points that I would like to underscore:

We are what we THINK we are. Our thoughts have power to draw both evil and godly energy. If we have practiced negative self talk, in the same manner, we should consciously practice godly self talk. Godly thought will bring about godly talk. Godly talk will bring forth the fruits of victory in casting down evil thoughts.

A part of renewing the soul is to learn how to deal with what is uncomfortable.

Walking on the sands of a beautiful beach on a hot sunny day has its comforts and delights. However,if the sand is very “hot,” it is difficult to walk on it. Struggles and failures supply the necessary preparation to learn how to “walk on hot sand.”.

Where deliverance from demonic oppression is concerned, torment can be a blessing.

Torment wipes out the delusion that “all is well” and knocks off the rose-colored glasses. The tormented one is pressured to search for answers and solutions–something that he would not have even considered if he had not desperately sought release from the torment.

Anyone who makes decisions either by the influence of an un-renewed mind or emotions is usually weak in his or her will.

The will is the organ that examines, distinguishes, judges and makes decisions based upon the information received from the mind and the emotions.

Choices can often be long-lasting and unchangeable.

We can make the choice but we cannot choose the outcome or the repercussion. In other words, we can choose to sin but we cannot choose the wages of that sin.

One of the fallacies is that we assume that we have time to change.

When physical death appears to be “far off,” our will power tends to procrastinate and take chances. However, when death is a daily reality, we learn to live and make choices that prolong our days.

Once we discover what we need to learn about our own inner struggles, there are other people who will need our testimony and our influence so that they  too can be victorious.

A major purpose of struggling is that we can become consolers of those who are struggling in those areas where we have become triumphant. By planting new seeds of power into our minds, old patterns and habits will be destroyed by the resurrection power of the Holy Ghost. In a symbolic context, the seeds are as Jesus said. They are the words of fruitbearing power.

RESCUE MEMBERS receive online coaching everyday,

Coaches are available  almost 24/7 as members are on different time zones, residing in several parts of the world.  If you are interested in knowing more about RESCUE membership, complete the content form below:


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Trouble Aint Always Bad!

The enemy’s major attack is to come against your faith with accusation and condemnation.  In this video, I use my leaving the church as an example.

My faith in remaining a minister  the IC was grounded on a wrong assumption—not of God at all. I “assumed” God wanted me in AME Zion to cause the denomination to repent and change. I saw myself as a pioneer to bring together Pentecostal and Charismatic religion into a staunch Methodist tradition.  A bishop sensed this and hated me for it. Errbody knew I spoke in tongues because I would ring out in it for all to hear.  They also knew of my healing, deliverance and prophetic leanings.  You might say I was trying to do what Paul Morton did with the full gospel Baptists, only not starting up a new denomination. I was headed that way long before I even heard of Paul Morton as I am no copycat.

I had already walked away from the church in 1983 because God told me to.  But I went back in 1987 because I felt I needed the covering of the IC.  All I got was grief for the next 17 years.  The IC never forgot that I walked away from them, and they continued to rub my face in it.

Click the cover for the paperback and the title link for the e-book
Click the cover for the paperback and the title link for the e-book

To make the break clean in 2004, the Lord set me up to be put out. I tell this story in detail in the book “Come Out of Her, God’ People.”

This way, when I returned for a visit in 2008, the new bishop who liked my ministry and who offered to exalt me in the denomination, my faith was strong enough to not go back. On that return visit, the same people who allowed the former bishop to manipulate them to vote me out, were now treating me like  a queen.  I believe it was  Weds, July 25, 2008.

It was two days later that the Lord revealed some things that were quite shocking, quite important, like a pillar to this ministry.

Here is a little of this story.

The Fake Jesus, the New Idolatry and other books can be found by clicking here.

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Christian Coaching To Address Demonic Torment

Pam Sheppard Head Coach and Pastor of RESCUE
Pam Sheppard
Head Coach and Pastor of RESCUE

Practically all people who are in demonic torment strongly desire a quick fix. it is understandable but it is not expedient or helpful. All I can say to you is what the Lord Jesus taught. YOU SHALL KNOW THE TRUTH AND THE TRUTH SHALL MAKE YOU FREE..
The Bible tells us that there would come a time when the entire world would be under the sway of the evil one.

That time is NOW!

 So before I waste my time confronting demons on a captive’s behalf, I have to find out “what is the captive doing and believing that has opened the door to the influence of demonic spirits?” If the captive lacks knowledge of how his own problem began and how he is continuing to hinder himself, how can the source of his problem be recognized? My goal with pre-deliverance coaching is to close the doorways the captive has opened and KEEP THEM CLOSED!!!!

Some people accept torment as “suffering for the Lord”, yet they are still not born again. . The truth is that I would know nothing of demonic torment if it were not for hundreds of captives with false conversions who have sought me to cast out tormenting demons.

From the positive side, torment has a meaning. Torment is a sign to the victim that he or she is not saved. Why? Because those whom God has saved have been given peace, and not a spirit of fear or torment. Nevertheless, torment also is allowed by God because He wants the tormented one to realize that something is wrong. And since He allows the enemy to do this to a person who has had a false conversion, it is a hopeful  sign that God truly intends to save him or her.

Sometimes a victim is tormented because the gods of their non-Christian religion, are outraged that their victim decided to go to church and “accept Jesus.” Often offered “too the gods” by their parents, the occult/witchcraft demons stand on their covenant rights. The religious demon stands on “well, I was asked to come into his heart, so I have a contract as well.” The victim is viewed by occult demons as a traitor for joining up with a religious demon and the IC. . The fight over the victim between the occult/witchcraft spirit and the religious fallen angels and  demons has its battleground in the soul and body of the victim, experienced as torment.

Look at it like this. The enemy may know that even though you are not saved NOW, that you shall BE a devout, strong believer once  you actually born again. Consequently the religious entity assigned may be targeting you with strong torment while he still has a chance.

Stay committed to truth, and the victory shall be YOURS.

If you need help and you would like a one-time coaching consultation for either 30 minutes or an hour, complete the contact form below:

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Demonic Oppression by Torment

the testimonials in this book will help you to self-coach.
the testimonials in this book will help you to self-coach. Click here

Where deliverance from demonic oppression is concerned, torment can be a blessing.  Torment wipes out the delusion that “all is well” and knocks off the rose-colored glasses. The tormented one is pressured to search for answers and solutions–something that he would not have even considered if he had not desperately sought release from the torment.

Everything I know about torment comes from working with others because I have never personally been tormented by either devils or demons.  Tee has had some excellent insights on the subject:

If you have some desire to go back to your “former” ways of trying to get relief from your torment, then you will not be set free. You don’t desire the truth. All you want is relief from torment, and you will do anything to get it, not realizing that the very vomit you keep returning to will take you deeper and deeper into deception. This is a key thing that is missing with a lot of folks who come to us. They are DESPERATE for relief from torment. We get that. But, instead of submitting to truth, they take desperate measures and end up going right back to the very situations that have put them in torment in the first place. So whether it’s something religious you are used to doing, or something from the occult, you’ve got to realize that you are addicted to those things…and THAT IS THE ENEMY’S HOOK ON YOU!!!! You will have to use your God-given will to resist the temptation to return to those things.

I have cast out demons from the tormented and they were set free from torment but still in bondage to other things. In such cases, they still maintained the same belief system, personality and character flaws that served as both strongholds and demonic doorways for the tormentors.  Will the torment come back on them?  Maybe, maybe not.  One thing I know as of now. NONE OF THEM ARE BORN AGAIN.

If you are being tormented by evil spirits and you could use some help, please complete the contact form below.

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Divination and Witchcraft: An Appeal to Fear!

Beloved, do not listen to people who bring evil reports. They don’t know it but they are being used by the devil!

Pam Sheppard Ministries

Religious folk go around hollerin “the devil is a liar,” yet the minute he tells them somethin, they believe it. LOL

I think of one guy I once worked with. I cast demons from him on the phone and he was set completely free, immediately. He was also very active in RESCUE. Two weeks later, he committed an act that drew practically all demons back. Well Don sought me again  to expel demons from him.

I refused.  appeal-to-fear

Deliverance is not a game and I am not a game show host. He would have to commit to counseling before I would speak to his demons ever again.

Don did so and for a while, things looked hopeful until after his last  session with me,   Don, a mega preacher wannabe, did not like. The  demons saw their chance, capitalizing on Don’s personal conflict with me.

So a demon told him,” Pam is a witch.”


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The Fallacy of Personal Prophecies

Prophecies can be a blessing or a curse. Personal prophecy has caused some Christians to try to make it come true with disastrous results. The most danger for abuse lies in personal prophecy. Charismatic witches use personal prophecy to control others. Some Christians think that they have to have a word from the Lord or there is something wrong with them. The true prophet does not make any mistakes.

As salvation is by faith supplied by the Holy Spirit, fallen angels also supply their brand of faith into their captives to keep the captive bound to them. I have proof of this in my own life. as long as I had faith in a doctrine or a practice, it continued. As soon as I lost faith in it, it STOPPED without any other effort on my part.

So as long as we believe what evil spirits have taught us, we give them a doorway to remain in our lives. They will repeat the same ole stuff to us, using the same ole bait to entrap us.

The belief system is as important to deliverance as it is to salvation.

When I was an atheist, dabbling around in the occult and not knowing what it was, I used to get loads of personal prophecies from what I believe today to be fallen angels. When you invite them in, they often come bringing what seems to be glad tidings. For example, greatness and fame. They first told me that I would become a great psychic, more powerful and better known than Edgar Cayce and Jean Dixon. All I had to do was submit to their teaching and I would be great.

Then the Holy Ghost snatched me out of their hands, so Edgar and Jean were never mentioned again. They waited for me to understand what the IC wS all about. Then they started to set me up to desire to be a mega preacher like TD Jakes and Jpyce Meyer. what did those two have that aI did not have? I was better educated than both of them. I also had the fire, the charisma, the ability to preach and such, plus I wrote my own books.

It was the same story about greatness and fame, only with different characters and no longer from the occult but from Christianity.

I don’t have a covetous nature. I am basically creative from the sense that if this does not work, I always have an option. I don’t look at what other people have and then covet it for myself. So they had to create that in me by causing me to believe God favored others over me. The way to do it was to dangle the bait, I reach out for it, and it’s pulled out of my reach.

So Christian TV became an opportunity for the evil spirits to mock me. SEE WHAT THEY HAVE? You are better than the mega folk and yet look at what you have. A little congregation of less than 50 people who could care less about you.

I did not get over this until the Lord spoke to me in 2007. When He spoke, I realized that it was religious fallen angels who prospered the Megas and not God and that God is not in the IC.

I was blown away. All of that desire they put in me for greatness and religious fame was blown away also.

The key is that once out of my belief system, I have not heard yet another personal prophecy concerning.  In the last 6 months, I received two personal prophecies with the same message:  that I shall live another 3 decades.

Could this be God? Most definitely. Why? because for the last 20 years, all the devil has done is threaten to kill me!!! ROFLOL