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In Danger as You Sit on a Church Pew!!!!

Come Out Of Her My People: Rev 18:4

People are more concerned about blaspheming the Holy Ghost rather than grieving or quenching Him. The ability today to blaspheme Him is literally very remote and and rarely possible because most of the people who have these fears are not even born again. . Yet every time the elect prays in tongues, a language they do not understand, they could very well be cursing and degrading the Holy Spirit and not even know it. God made it plain that what grieves Him the most is to worship other gods before Him. Consider the potential of false worship, including tongues, romancing Jesus, practicing yoga and what is called contemplative prayer, fire tunnels, the prosperity gospel and so much more, AS A MEANS OR WAY TO REALLY OFFEND THE HOLY GHOST!!!! ITS MINDBOGGLING!!!!!!

If I am right, and fallen angels have infiltrated and taken over both the pulpits and the altars of…

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