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Passivity vs. Common Sense

Come Out Of Her My People: Rev 18:4

note: this blog is a compiled commentary of
various members of RESCUE, an online fellowship for out of
churchers sponsored by Pam Shepard Ministries.

To find out more
about RESCUE, call
1-888-818-1117 .

Today I was reading a chapter for my social work class about resilience and
coping, and I came across this quote: researchers “found that
placing a problem in the hands of God or using prayer almost
exclusively as a way of resolving a stressful situation was not a
particularly effective way of coping and suggested an external
locus of control. The more active the coping approach, the better
subjects in their study were able to cope.”

I thought this was really interesting! I think this goes along with the notion of
passivity and losing your common sense; I think some people do not
try to solve their problems, but rather place them “in the hands of

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