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Clean Up Your House Before the Lord Returns!

How could the Lord NOT KNOW YOU? Perhaps because YOU accepted Him, making salvation a work of your flesh. A boasting. Easy believism, a product of the preaching of a decision also gospel is the culprit behind countless false conversions.

Preparing For End-Times

When you “accepted” Jesus, you may not realize it but you lifted up self. Your boasting was made easy.


Salvation is a free gift from God to prevent us from boasting that “we accepted Jesus!”

It is important to state here that nothing stops God, not even the church. When the Lord is ready for the you, He will call you.

If you are sitting on a church pew, He can still call you regardless of the various false doctrines you have been listening to.

The problem is that many of the elect who are in church believe that they are already saved but they are not. If you are one of them The Father plans to save you.

Nevertheless, for the Holy Ghost to draw you to a genuine salvation experience, the strong man must be bound with the light of truth. ”

the “strong man” is a…

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