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The Lord’s Message To End-time Believers Within His Parables: Who Are The Foolish Virgins?

Come Out Of Her My People: Rev 18:4

For two centuries, believers have not really understood the Lord’s parables, probably because they were really meant for end-time believers.

Consider  the parable of the ten virgins—-5 wise and 5 foolish in Matthew 25. In this chapter, the Lord is still answering the question posed  to Him concerning the end of the age in Matthew 24.  Clearly this is true  because this parable is  really about the return of the bridegroom for His bride, the church. The Lord is the Bridegroom to His Body, the church.. In this instance, the church is not the institution and its various branches or denominations, but to all who are born again. To those who have oil in their lamps.

So the underlying messages is to the foolish versions,who  were invited to the wedding, but they came unprepared. For if the bridegroom had come at night, the darkness of…

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