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Communicating With Evil Spirits Through Vain Ambition

Come Out Of Her My People: Rev 18:4

Satan’s Greatest Temptation: Ambition and Vanity

Do you find yourself still desiring and feeling compelled to continually follow after the things of this world, while mixing it with the things of GOD?

Here is an article written by Pastor Pam Sheppard that describes what the spiritual fight looks like when the enemy attempts to get control of your soul, as she reveals the true meaning behind the movie, “the Devil’s Advocate”:

“Have you seen the movie, THE DEVIL”s Advocate? There is much to learn from this movie. An advocate is a lawyer, and Keanu Reeves, “the advocate” was a lawyer in the movie, as was the devil, played by Al Pacino. The devil’s plan to guide the steps of his advocate began with setting Reeves up to win every case as a defense attorney. By doing so, Pacino said to himself, if I cause Reeves to win every case, will he…

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