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How To Renew Your Mind!


The Apostle Paul wrote to the Romans, “be not conformed to THIS world but be transformed by the renewing of the mind so that you can prove the perfect will of God for your

Pam Sheppard Head Coach and Pastor of RESCUE
Pam Sheppard
Head Coach and Pastor of RESCUE

life.” He also warned the Corinthians about casting down imaginations and thoughts that could exalt themselves ABOVE the knowledge of God. Paul implied that all thoughts could be “captured” and brought into obedience to the will of God. We know the general will of God from His word. However, it is the Holy Ghost Who provides the direction of our individual lives once our minds have been renewed.

Therefore, a renewed mind proceeds knowing what God’s will for US is.

So I suggest to you that discovering the will of God for your life involves a renewal. There are some key points that I would like to underscore:

We are what we THINK we are. Our thoughts have power to draw both evil and godly energy. If we have practiced negative self talk, in the same manner, we should consciously practice godly self talk. Godly thought will bring about godly talk. Godly talk will bring forth the fruits of victory in casting down evil thoughts.

A part of renewing the soul is to learn how to deal with what is uncomfortable.

Walking on the sands of a beautiful beach on a hot sunny day has its comforts and delights. However,if the sand is very “hot,” it is difficult to walk on it. Struggles and failures supply the necessary preparation to learn how to “walk on hot sand.”.

Where deliverance from demonic oppression is concerned, torment can be a blessing.

Torment wipes out the delusion that “all is well” and knocks off the rose-colored glasses. The tormented one is pressured to search for answers and solutions–something that he would not have even considered if he had not desperately sought release from the torment.

Anyone who makes decisions either by the influence of an un-renewed mind or emotions is usually weak in his or her will.

The will is the organ that examines, distinguishes, judges and makes decisions based upon the information received from the mind and the emotions.

Choices can often be long-lasting and unchangeable.

We can make the choice but we cannot choose the outcome or the repercussion. In other words, we can choose to sin but we cannot choose the wages of that sin.

One of the fallacies is that we assume that we have time to change.

When physical death appears to be “far off,” our will power tends to procrastinate and take chances. However, when death is a daily reality, we learn to live and make choices that prolong our days.

Once we discover what we need to learn about our own inner struggles, there are other people who will need our testimony and our influence so that they  too can be victorious.

A major purpose of struggling is that we can become consolers of those who are struggling in those areas where we have become triumphant. By planting new seeds of power into our minds, old patterns and habits will be destroyed by the resurrection power of the Holy Ghost. In a symbolic context, the seeds are as Jesus said. They are the words of fruitbearing power.

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