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Trouble Aint Always Bad!

The enemy’s major attack is to come against your faith with accusation and condemnation.  In this video, I use my leaving the church as an example.

My faith in remaining a minister  the IC was grounded on a wrong assumption—not of God at all. I “assumed” God wanted me in AME Zion to cause the denomination to repent and change. I saw myself as a pioneer to bring together Pentecostal and Charismatic religion into a staunch Methodist tradition.  A bishop sensed this and hated me for it. Errbody knew I spoke in tongues because I would ring out in it for all to hear.  They also knew of my healing, deliverance and prophetic leanings.  You might say I was trying to do what Paul Morton did with the full gospel Baptists, only not starting up a new denomination. I was headed that way long before I even heard of Paul Morton as I am no copycat.

I had already walked away from the church in 1983 because God told me to.  But I went back in 1987 because I felt I needed the covering of the IC.  All I got was grief for the next 17 years.  The IC never forgot that I walked away from them, and they continued to rub my face in it.

Click the cover for the paperback and the title link for the e-book
Click the cover for the paperback and the title link for the e-book

To make the break clean in 2004, the Lord set me up to be put out. I tell this story in detail in the book “Come Out of Her, God’ People.”

This way, when I returned for a visit in 2008, the new bishop who liked my ministry and who offered to exalt me in the denomination, my faith was strong enough to not go back. On that return visit, the same people who allowed the former bishop to manipulate them to vote me out, were now treating me like  a queen.  I believe it was  Weds, July 25, 2008.

It was two days later that the Lord revealed some things that were quite shocking, quite important, like a pillar to this ministry.

Here is a little of this story.

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