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Demonic Oppression by Torment

the testimonials in this book will help you to self-coach.
the testimonials in this book will help you to self-coach. Click here

Where deliverance from demonic oppression is concerned, torment can be a blessing.  Torment wipes out the delusion that “all is well” and knocks off the rose-colored glasses. The tormented one is pressured to search for answers and solutions–something that he would not have even considered if he had not desperately sought release from the torment.

Everything I know about torment comes from working with others because I have never personally been tormented by either devils or demons.  Tee has had some excellent insights on the subject:

If you have some desire to go back to your “former” ways of trying to get relief from your torment, then you will not be set free. You don’t desire the truth. All you want is relief from torment, and you will do anything to get it, not realizing that the very vomit you keep returning to will take you deeper and deeper into deception. This is a key thing that is missing with a lot of folks who come to us. They are DESPERATE for relief from torment. We get that. But, instead of submitting to truth, they take desperate measures and end up going right back to the very situations that have put them in torment in the first place. So whether it’s something religious you are used to doing, or something from the occult, you’ve got to realize that you are addicted to those things…and THAT IS THE ENEMY’S HOOK ON YOU!!!! You will have to use your God-given will to resist the temptation to return to those things.

I have cast out demons from the tormented and they were set free from torment but still in bondage to other things. In such cases, they still maintained the same belief system, personality and character flaws that served as both strongholds and demonic doorways for the tormentors.  Will the torment come back on them?  Maybe, maybe not.  One thing I know as of now. NONE OF THEM ARE BORN AGAIN.

If you are being tormented by evil spirits and you could use some help, please complete the contact form below.

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Divination and Witchcraft: An Appeal to Fear!

Beloved, do not listen to people who bring evil reports. They don’t know it but they are being used by the devil!

Pam Sheppard Ministries

Religious folk go around hollerin “the devil is a liar,” yet the minute he tells them somethin, they believe it. LOL

I think of one guy I once worked with. I cast demons from him on the phone and he was set completely free, immediately. He was also very active in RESCUE. Two weeks later, he committed an act that drew practically all demons back. Well Don sought me again  to expel demons from him.

I refused.  appeal-to-fear

Deliverance is not a game and I am not a game show host. He would have to commit to counseling before I would speak to his demons ever again.

Don did so and for a while, things looked hopeful until after his last  session with me,   Don, a mega preacher wannabe, did not like. The  demons saw their chance, capitalizing on Don’s personal conflict with me.

So a demon told him,” Pam is a witch.”


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The Fallacy of Personal Prophecies

Prophecies can be a blessing or a curse. Personal prophecy has caused some Christians to try to make it come true with disastrous results. The most danger for abuse lies in personal prophecy. Charismatic witches use personal prophecy to control others. Some Christians think that they have to have a word from the Lord or there is something wrong with them. The true prophet does not make any mistakes.

As salvation is by faith supplied by the Holy Spirit, fallen angels also supply their brand of faith into their captives to keep the captive bound to them. I have proof of this in my own life. as long as I had faith in a doctrine or a practice, it continued. As soon as I lost faith in it, it STOPPED without any other effort on my part.

So as long as we believe what evil spirits have taught us, we give them a doorway to remain in our lives. They will repeat the same ole stuff to us, using the same ole bait to entrap us.

The belief system is as important to deliverance as it is to salvation.

When I was an atheist, dabbling around in the occult and not knowing what it was, I used to get loads of personal prophecies from what I believe today to be fallen angels. When you invite them in, they often come bringing what seems to be glad tidings. For example, greatness and fame. They first told me that I would become a great psychic, more powerful and better known than Edgar Cayce and Jean Dixon. All I had to do was submit to their teaching and I would be great.

Then the Holy Ghost snatched me out of their hands, so Edgar and Jean were never mentioned again. They waited for me to understand what the IC wS all about. Then they started to set me up to desire to be a mega preacher like TD Jakes and Jpyce Meyer. what did those two have that aI did not have? I was better educated than both of them. I also had the fire, the charisma, the ability to preach and such, plus I wrote my own books.

It was the same story about greatness and fame, only with different characters and no longer from the occult but from Christianity.

I don’t have a covetous nature. I am basically creative from the sense that if this does not work, I always have an option. I don’t look at what other people have and then covet it for myself. So they had to create that in me by causing me to believe God favored others over me. The way to do it was to dangle the bait, I reach out for it, and it’s pulled out of my reach.

So Christian TV became an opportunity for the evil spirits to mock me. SEE WHAT THEY HAVE? You are better than the mega folk and yet look at what you have. A little congregation of less than 50 people who could care less about you.

I did not get over this until the Lord spoke to me in 2007. When He spoke, I realized that it was religious fallen angels who prospered the Megas and not God and that God is not in the IC.

I was blown away. All of that desire they put in me for greatness and religious fame was blown away also.

The key is that once out of my belief system, I have not heard yet another personal prophecy concerning.  In the last 6 months, I received two personal prophecies with the same message:  that I shall live another 3 decades.

Could this be God? Most definitely. Why? because for the last 20 years, all the devil has done is threaten to kill me!!! ROFLOL