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Tithing: How the Game Is Played! 

The prosperity gospel centers in tithing and what is referred to as “sowing a seed.”  its a damnable teaching.  Scripture is taken out of its natural context in order to confirm the overall lie, while the fact that tithing is barely mentioned in the gospels or the new testament letters is totally ignored. the Lord revealed to me about 10 years ago that to prove to His people that tithing and sowing seed were demonic teachings, He had loosed demons of poverty on His people.  Once they came to their senses, then He would release His people from poverty and restore them.  He also showed me that the biggest of the prosperity gospel preachers—using Creflo Dollar as an example— would suffer great loss, both financially and in every other way conceivable.

Below is the testimony of a RESCUE member concerning how the prosperity teaching played out in her former Charismatic church:

Over the years when I tithed, while I would receive small blessings left and right, which I took as confirmations, in terms of the big picture, I never got anywhere. In fact,  I continued to struggle my entire life. It was like a carrot being dangled. Small coincidences would happen, giving each member  hope that God’s bigger blessing was on the way. Someone at church may get up and give a testimony about how they tried tithing and then received a large settlement or something “miraculous” like that, but in the long run, it was an isolated incident.

What was very convenient was that when you didn’t get anywhere or bad things would happen financially despite the fact that you were tithing, that meant that you were being tested because a huge blessing was on its way, and you had to be patient and wait on it, or that the devil was attacking your finances but you needed to proclaim the Word, do spiritual warfare, and that you would prevail. Maybe the devil was attacking your finances because he knew God had a huge blessing in store for you, and he wanted to stop it, to see if you would let him do it or stand against him.

Then if you still didn’t get anywhere, maybe it was bad stewardship, or it was because the Lord wanted you to sow a bigger seed than what you were sowing, and you hadn’t diligently sought the voice of God or been obedient, things like that. Maybe you were under a generational poverty curse that hadn’t yet been uncovered, because your grandparents or great grandparents had done something no one knew about, and someone would need to pray and seek God and be given a word of knowledge that they had been into the occult or something. No matter what, there was always something more you apparently needed to be doing, a million options of what it could be, and it could go on forever, like a carrot being dangled. An answer for everything, and it was set up so that it couldn’t fail.

Regarding tithing, some members  would question whether or not the tithe had to go to a particular church, and why it couldn’t go to a Christian charity or the poor, seeing as how they preached that the Church was the Body of Christ and not a building. But then they twisted some other verse saying the “storehouse” was the church, and how each person was divinely placed under a certain pastor, or shepherd, or “covering,” So somehow that meant the tithe was supposed to go there—at the local church.  And my ex-ex-pastor preached that if you donated to some other ministry or charity, you could if you wanted to, but you wouldn’t get a “return” on it, like it didn’t count as sowing seed.

Also, At the old church I went to, people would always say God told them to start a business – not a ministry, but kind of the same principle – and they’d name it something religious, like Charismatic buzzwords, dedicate it to God. One lady opened a hair salon and named it “Women of Excellence,” because that was a big buzzword at the church, and another guy started a telecommunications business called “Shekinah,” and another guy tried to start a clothing line that he thought would compete with Tommy and FUBU with some logo called “Godfather.” It was just a bunch of plain shirts and ball caps with a monogram. They all thought that because they tithed, gave it a godly name, and were “favored of the Lord” that they would prosper and get rich. Not saying they went under (except the shirt guy), but it was never more than a small struggling business. Basically, I guess, just the same principle about how people don’t use common sense because they think God told them to do something.