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Praying In the Spirit and Whooping by Pam Sheppard

This post will inform you of the dangers of carnal, mystical prayer and worship. If you have questions, complete the contact form.

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Demonic Oppression and Tormenting Spirits by Pam Sheppard

Untold numbers of people are doing self study on deliverance to deal with torment. it turns out that the more they pray, quote scripture, fast snd the like, the worst they get. this post suggests why that is.

Pam Sheppard Ministries

Why do demons torment? It would seem that they would prefer to be quiet so that they can remain inside their host unnoticed. Yet all of a sudden they break loose in a wild tirade, letting everyone know their location. Certainly demons like to mock their prey but most of them are quite wise. so I believe there are other answers for I suggest to you that they often torment because God insists that they do!!!

Some people accept torment as “suffering for the Lord”, yet they ain’t even saved. The truth is that I would know nothing of demonic torment if it were not for hundreds of captives with false conversions who have sought me to cast out tormenting demons.

From the positive side, torment has a meaning. Torment is a sign to the victim that he or she is not saved. Why? Because those whom God has saved…

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