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Losing the Fear of Death is Important

This is really the measure of a born again Christian. The question is “do you trust God? Are you walking by faith? 

On Tuesday, I had a serious challenge to my health.  something came over me that  I had never experienced before. I was literally knocked out, could not open even a can of beans or a bag of rice to feed my grandson.  All I could do was lay on my back.

This could be serious or not, I did not know.  Yet not ONE time did I pray. I felt “what will be will be.” I am all for God’s will. I felt like death was approaching.  Like I was passing away. I thought, if this is death, it’s not  that bad. I went to sleep with no fear.  Still, no prayer. And I woke up!!!! LOL

Zee got on the case. All of my symptoms were clear.  It looked like cellulitis. She arranged for me to have a doctor’s appt. and Zee’s diagnosis was confirmed  in the doctor’s office yesterday. All that is required it to take an antibiotic.  It seems that I scratched a wound on my body and it got infected. I scratched it with purpose.  I wanted it to look differently and get a different scab. Well,  My leg swelled up to twice the size. It is painful to walk.  However, I find the more I walk, the less the pain.  But the doctors want my leg elevated.  

My ticker is great.  a swollen foot like this raises the chance of a heart blockage.  A monitor was put on my foot and I broke the sound barrier!!! LOL

So my actions tell me that I am not afraid of death.  Satan jumped in with some dreams which I ignored.  All I need to say to God is “thank you.” You have raised me up by your Holy Spirit not to fear death. 

Some of you are so afraid that if a prayer is not said on your behalf, that you will suffer great loss. So you send me long emails to pray for you.  For YOU, I DO pray. But not your style but my own, which is to never tell God what to do or even make a suggestion to Him. My faith tells me what the Lord said.  He looks after His own so “do not fret.” 

So I am getting better after taking 3 of the pills.  The leg is normal size now. The pain is still there but it is reduced. 

An important thing to point out from this is that a small infection can throw off your entire system and appear more monstrous than it actually is. 



. For more info, write to or call toll free: 1-888-818-1117 Books available at

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