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Losing the Fear of Death is Important

This is really the measure of a born again Christian. The question is “do you trust God? Are you walking by faith? 

On Tuesday, I had a serious challenge to my health.  something came over me that  I had never experienced before. I was literally knocked out, could not open even a can of beans or a bag of rice to feed my grandson.  All I could do was lay on my back.

This could be serious or not, I did not know.  Yet not ONE time did I pray. I felt “what will be will be.” I am all for God’s will. I felt like death was approaching.  Like I was passing away. I thought, if this is death, it’s not  that bad. I went to sleep with no fear.  Still, no prayer. And I woke up!!!! LOL

Zee got on the case. All of my symptoms were clear.  It looked like cellulitis. She arranged for me to have a doctor’s appt. and Zee’s diagnosis was confirmed  in the doctor’s office yesterday. All that is required it to take an antibiotic.  It seems that I scratched a wound on my body and it got infected. I scratched it with purpose.  I wanted it to look differently and get a different scab. Well,  My leg swelled up to twice the size. It is painful to walk.  However, I find the more I walk, the less the pain.  But the doctors want my leg elevated.  

My ticker is great.  a swollen foot like this raises the chance of a heart blockage.  A monitor was put on my foot and I broke the sound barrier!!! LOL

So my actions tell me that I am not afraid of death.  Satan jumped in with some dreams which I ignored.  All I need to say to God is “thank you.” You have raised me up by your Holy Spirit not to fear death. 

Some of you are so afraid that if a prayer is not said on your behalf, that you will suffer great loss. So you send me long emails to pray for you.  For YOU, I DO pray. But not your style but my own, which is to never tell God what to do or even make a suggestion to Him. My faith tells me what the Lord said.  He looks after His own so “do not fret.” 

So I am getting better after taking 3 of the pills.  The leg is normal size now. The pain is still there but it is reduced. 

An important thing to point out from this is that a small infection can throw off your entire system and appear more monstrous than it actually is. 

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Are You A Perverse Sign Seeker? 

Be Delivered From Deliverance Ministry_cover2←Sign seekers are naturally drawn to the supernatural because built into the flesh is a character trait that Paul referred to as “witchcraft” in Galatians 5.  Until I allowed my flesh to be crucified with Christ and die, I too was a victim to a built-in lust for all things supernatural.

 Once a Christian, we predictably bring our occult ways practices and synchronize them or blend them with Christ.  This is an abominable thing, to mix Christ with Belial and it will cause the Holy Spirit to resist you. Asian healing systems, African witch doctors and traditional healers along with indigenous workers in Europe and the USA  have claimed to produce miracles. Yet upon close examination, one finds that false miracles from the enemy have occurred that carry a heavy price with them. Do not expect a healing from the Lord if you claim to be a Christian yet you practice occult healing systems.

It is not difficult to distinguish a false miracle from a true one because eventually the enemy exacts his price. You will also notice that in spite of the miraculous cure, the so-called healed one will suffer torment in other areas.  You will also notice that the “miracle” did not draw its recipient closer to God.  Why not?  Because God is pleased by faith while miracle seekers walk by sight.  their lack of faith and trust I. God is what makes the Lord call them “perverse.

Put bluntly, if you are hooked to the supernatural, your desires and fixations have opened you up to demons and fallen angels.  So if you contact me for deliverance, just know that  my practice is to first address the witchcraft that is a part of your flesh before I confront any demons on your behalf.

So If you want help, send an email to  I do not charge for deliverance.  I charge for my time spent in getting you prepared for deliverance. Therefore,  if you contact me and claim you have studied deliverance or you have experience with deliverance ministries, just know that I will require you to be de-programmed or detoxed from everything you believe you know.

To help you out on this, I have published a book called “Be Delivered From Deliverance Ministries.” Click the book cover above for more info.