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What’s New Out There In IC Land? One Thing Is “Fire Tunnels”

It is amazing but I have 11 years under my belt now since God led me out of the IC  in June 2004.  Yet if I watch a video, I see things that I have never seen before or things that were once taboo where I served.  So watching a video, I saw what was called a fire tunnel.

So I searched and found a good article that revealed that fire tunnels came out of the Toronto Movement.  Toronto  was truly an occult, demonic phase, shameful in church history but Charismatics today think it was a move of the Holy Ghost.

Here is a link to the article.  I don’t like to give links because some of you are not ready to discern what is godly from what is demonic, and some RESCUE members end up reading other things on these websites and ingesting into yourselves more false doctrines and practices that I have to eventually deal with either in the forum or in phone sessions. So I am asking the curious RESCUE members  not to do that. If you can’t help yourself then don’t click this link. LOL

Have any  readers who are not RESCUE members  had  experience with the fire tunnel practice? Also, are there  new, strange religious teachings or practices going on that we need to be aware of?



. For more info, write to or call toll free: 1-888-818-1117 Books available at

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