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How Safe Is Attending Church Today?

blog_11.jpgHave you already sensed that attending church in this endtime hour may not be a very safe thing to do? Surely you were stunned by the highly publicized horrific incident where 9 sincere believers were shot dead in church. Yet did you know that in the last ten years, statistics reveal that a Christian in this country, the USA, has their life taken from them on an average of twice a week, about 104 churchgoers a year. On the surface, 104 dead in church might not sound like much but it is significantly higher than people getting shot down on school and college campuses. In my mind, one person dying in a place that is considered holy ground is one person too many. 104 a year in the USA is alarming, to say the least.

This post was originally explored  on Facebook where in the comments, some one suggested that he refused to hide in his home to worship and study his bible.  Well, I see his point.  The devil is the god of this world, ruling worldly places like school, sports events, etc.  Do we stop going to school because the devil rules that system?  No we don’t.  Does the same comparison apply to the institutional church.  No it does not. 

So what is the difference between the school or a stadium  as a dangerous place and a church?

Well, the difference is in the words of the Lord to endtime believers.

“He said “Come out of Her my people, lest you partake of her sins and receive of Her plagues.”  Where are the Lord’s People?” (Rev 18:4)   Well, most of them are in the churches. If the present day IC is the Harlot of the book of Revelation, then the Lord Himself warns that the reason you must come out is to avoid the plagues because you become a partaker of Her sins.”

Well, if I am wrong on this, then cool.  Enjoy Sunday morning worship as usual. But—what if I am right?

This subject goes deeper.  A lot deeper. We teach and share about this subject in RESCUE FELLOWSHIP.

 RESCUE FELLOWSHIP is a safe haven where you can grow spiritually, communing, assembling and studying from the safety of your own home. So click the link below for a 30 day free trial membership where we will address this rather serious issue—JUST FOR YOU!!!!

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The Fake Jesus: Fallen Angels Among Us: A Must Read! Get Your Ebook Today!!!

cover_the fake Jesus_new In 2007, the author, Pam Sheppard,  received a revelation that compared the church to a condemned building. Pam was asked, “would you put up curtains at the windows of a condemned building?” With that revelation came the understanding that the organized church was judged 3 decades ago. Not believing this word, Pam set out to disprove it by doing a study of church history. She also reviewed various occult, new age websites of mediums or channels who have been communicating with beings who first identified themselves as UFO’s and then ultimately called themselves “ascended masters”. The Fake Jesus is a record of what Pam discovered once she tried the spirits to see if they be of God. This book will open your eyes to the truth as to “who the fallen angels are, who sent them, what is their agenda, and how to recognize if your church is under their influence. The hour is late. This book has traced that fallen angels have been among us since about 1830. Don’t YOU be deceived by a fallen angel.

You need this E-BOOK  So click the “add to cart” button below, and receive it immediately.

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What’s New Out There In IC Land? One Thing Is “Fire Tunnels”

It is amazing but I have 11 years under my belt now since God led me out of the IC  in June 2004.  Yet if I watch a video, I see things that I have never seen before or things that were once taboo where I served.  So watching a video, I saw what was called a fire tunnel.

So I searched and found a good article that revealed that fire tunnels came out of the Toronto Movement.  Toronto  was truly an occult, demonic phase, shameful in church history but Charismatics today think it was a move of the Holy Ghost.

Here is a link to the article.  I don’t like to give links because some of you are not ready to discern what is godly from what is demonic, and some RESCUE members end up reading other things on these websites and ingesting into yourselves more false doctrines and practices that I have to eventually deal with either in the forum or in phone sessions. So I am asking the curious RESCUE members  not to do that. If you can’t help yourself then don’t click this link. LOL

Have any  readers who are not RESCUE members  had  experience with the fire tunnel practice? Also, are there  new, strange religious teachings or practices going on that we need to be aware of?

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How I Detoxed From the Supernatural

My life had been supernatural since 1974.
It seems I got through life for decades without being bored due to my daily dreams and supernatural experiences. If I gave an account of a particular happening, people would have to ask me “was that a dream or did that REALLY happen? ”

Once I left the occult, the nature of the supernatural changed in the IC. I still had the dreams but while in the IC, I became hooked on what my destiny would be, well before I heard the messages of destiny preachers like TD Jakes.
So how did I detox?
It is quite simple. I just accepted the truth. Once I did, the dreams practically stopped all together.
A part of the process involves living in the here and now and not in some far off destiny. I reclaimed both my Will power and my commonsense. The word PALEEZE became a well used word in my vocabulary. I am a skeptic who walks by faith and trusts in God but I don’t expect to hear from God until He is ready to take me a step higher on my spiritual ladder. I don’t ask for anything supernatural. I leave it up to Him. What He wants me to know, He will share in due season.
it would seem that I would be bored without the supernatural to lean on. Not really. I enjoy the peace I have a lot more than the stress that comes from supernatural experiences. I actually lean more on God now than before. Sometimes you end up trusting more in a sign or a wonder than you trust in God himself. I don’t need to see Him, I don’t beg for a closer walk with Him.
I just BE!!!
After all, the biggest supernatural thing that ever happened to me, I did not seek? God just SHOWED UP!”
check out this video as Pam shares how the enemy can set you up:

a must read for anyone in these times:
“Faces of the Religious Demon”


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also check out Pam’s latest book:

“The Church of the End-Time Zombies”


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Deliverance Counseling Has Opened My Eyes to Co-Dependency

In active telephone counseling with RESCUE  because of a devastating  romantic co-dependency ,Kellie began telephone counseling with Pastor Pam Sheppard on April 1, 2015, a little over 4 months ago from today. In her own words, Check out the insights she has received. 

It seemed that Kellie’s problem was demonic. It was.  But the root to it could not be cast out!

Co-Dependency:  The Root of My Captivity by Kellie

Co-dependence is not knowing who you are, what you believe in and what your boundaries are. It is usually bred in childhood by parents who do not give their children the proper care and love they need to develop their authentic self. The child is left fending for themselves and come to believe that they are not worth the time and attention just for being who they are. The child then overcompensates in some way to win the parents approval. Because being who they are isn’t enough, they begin to adopt faulty beliefs that if they were someone different they would eventually win the love of their parents and everything would be alright. A Co-dependent becomes a perfectionist. They strive for perfection because being themselves was never enough. They construct different personalities, ones that are more pleasing than their own. They seek to destroy those parts of themselves that they deem are faulty. Any emotion or feeling that is not acceptable to the parent becomes cut off and a new feeling is taken on. This is called splitting. What in actuality is happening is a layer is being produced that covers their original personality and a false one is implemented to cover the true authentic self. Feelings that are not acceptable to the parent are stuffed down and repressed. A co-dependent will then adopt other feelings to cover those feelings. Shaming from the parent is usually the reason. A parent that cannot accept authentic feelings from a child will shame them into acting a way that is more pleasing to the parent. They cannot deal with what is considered a raw emotion. They seek to manage and fix their child’s emotions to be more comfortable for the parent.  

Co-dependence happens mainly in women. Co-dependence seeks to fix situations and circumstances. It wants to right the wrongs that were done in others because of the wrongs that were really done to the self. The co-dependent grows up not knowing true autonomy because he/she sought so long to win approval of their parents. They do not know where the parent ends and they begin. When a child grows up like this, they will seek out partners that carry the same dynamic because it makes them feel safe. They will look for someone they can “fix.” They will do it believing that if they can just fix the person then they will accomplished what was not fixable in their childhood. This usually comes however from the false selves and not the true self. They use control and manipulation also using these false selves to fix another. They do not understand that it is not authentic and genuine but from a place of fear of failing. They will perpetuate the false self until the person they are trying to fix loves them for who they think they are which is never the real person but really “a house of mirrors.” The real person lies dormant layered in the false selves.

I have been a co-dependent all of my life and I am 50. I sought to fix the wrongs in others, and I did it from a place of fear. I wanted to be loved for who I was and yet I had no idea who that was and what she stood for. I had no idea where my boundaries were, where one person stopped and I began. I let others tell me who that was. I gave up my true identity in my childhood. I was looking for those “others’ whom I could project this onto. It was my own woundedness that I needed to project in an attempt to fix myself and I would repeat this pattern over and over until now. I realize now that every relationship I was in kept leading me to repeat this pattern until I understood that I was trying to fix myself.

This has been a long journey for me but I can say without a doubt that I am becoming myself now. Who I was really but with boundaries. I no longer need to fix, control or manipulate others to be acceptable to others. I have given the real self the permission to be heard and cleansed from needing other’s approval. I don’t need to fix others to be fixed anymore. I can be myself and be acceptable to me and that is enough.

Besides telephone sessions once a week, Kellie is also an active group member in RESCUE. Why not take advantage of our  30 day free trial by clicking the link below?