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Hexed or Self Hexed? 

A hex is a spell or bewitchment cast by witchcraft. Many people  who contact RESCUE find themselves, at some point,  believing someone has put a spell or a hex upon them.  in some cases, they call for deliverance yet when questioned, they manifest absolutely  no evidence of a need to be set free from demons. Most of the time, just the lack of financial success is enough for some to believe that a voodoo worker  has cast  a “bad luck” spell upon them.  As an example, recently someone contacted us for deliverancesimply  because he cannot keep a job.  my first suggestion was employment counseling and not casting out demons. In every case, they seek my help to reverse hex. I can’t reverse something that does not exist.  Yet no amount of logical thinking or commonsense reasoning is capable of reversing a strong belief in a self-imposed hex.  

  Actually, since 2003,  I have not found even ONE case worthy of consideration  as a a bonafide hex.  Callers generally believe that they are hexed under the following conditions: 

1. There is someone in their  life that they have angered or offended in some way. 

2. The person believed to have the power to hex another Is someone assumed to have the supernatural  knowledge and power to hex another, simply because he or she comes from a culture or a country where witchcraft  is widely accepted and practiced. Even the son or daughter of a witch doctor is suspect.

3. The   hex or curse is  the only possible explanation for what the alleged victim is experiencing.

When the victim considers that all three of these conditions have been met in their particular situation, generally panic sets in and self-hexing steps in.  Why?  Because hexing gor spell casting  takes a certain amount of skill  and dedicated and consistent effort   to initiate a successful strike, and quite frankly, most  people aren’t interested in putting forth that much work.  Of  those who do,  they lack  the skill level required. 
There was someone in my life who had the time and the dedication to study the process of casting spells because he was incarcerated. .. my ex-husband Henry, not his real name.  It was May 11, 1990. As I was leaving the prison visiting room, Henry declared  intensely, “you will have a car accident in  two weeks.”  He also gave me this spooky look. 

  Almost immediately, I got a serious headache, one I had for two weeks.  On May 24, 1990, I was headed for a local emergency room because no amount of pain killers could stop that headache.  Almost at the exit to get off a major highway, my car was hit in the rear. The car that hit me was totaled.  A power came upon me to drive like a professional race car driver and on a 4 lane highway at about 65 miles an hour, I got a spinning car under control and to the side of the road without hitting anyone else or anyone else hitting me.  I drove my damaged car to the emergency room to check out that headache.  My blood pressure was at stroke level. 

Exactly 21 years later, on  May 11,  2011, Henry died of a stroke.  He was buried on Friday the 13th. BTW, his hex came to pass 13 days after he spoke the car accident into my life. What Henry placed on me that did not work was a hex death. The critical factor in hex death is belief and fear.  I did not have either. In fact, I paid absolutely no attention to his “supernatural proclamation.” I did not expect a car accident, nor did I allow my mind to create one, as I was hit blindsided, from  the rear of the vehicle. Henry was known to walk around like a proud shaman and I was in no way impressed. Nor did I experience any fright.  In stressful situations, the adrenaline surges, preparing the body to either fight or flee. The headache was simply a sign of hypertension.  The amazing thing is that  with my blood pressure already at stroke level at the time of the car accident, I successfully arrived at the ER, not having had a stroke. Yet Henry’s death was cause by a stroke. 

So be warned,  trying to hex a person who belongs to God can backfire upon you.  I was not even in God’s will at the time, yet no weapon formed against me prospered.  Henry was hoping that as my husband, he would inherit enough money to engage a lawyer to free him from prison once I was dead.  Instead, not long after, I divorced him. 

 Henry eventually was released 20 years later. However,  he died five months after finally gaining his freedom.  

My point?  Vengeance belongs to God.  let Him repay and do not try to put a spell on your enemies.  Your true enemies are evil spirits who will use that spell to destroy YOU!