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The Head Covering And Sex with Demons

Martii has been going back to my old videos and watching them.  Here is his summary of one of them. 

What is it about the female psyche that predisposes women to magic? To hazard a guess you believe the female predisposition can be traced back to the days of Noah, when fallen angels broke through the dimensional barriers and began to communicate with women. Fallen angels and demons find it easier to contact women.

From the days of Adam and Eve, the enemy who was living in the fourth dimension, the spirit realm found it easier to communicate with Eve than he did with Adam. You explain that women have a propensity toward the spirit, toward the supernatural. Both God and the enemy are in the realm of the spirit, the supernatural.

Hahaha I did learn about how the nephilim came to be, how fallen angels had sex with women and then they produced an offspring prior to this. I had no idea though about Paul actually telling women to cover their heads because the angels are attracted to them. Are you speaking of God’s angels or the devil’s? It’d make sense since they are the same species that it’d apply to both, and I did notice you saying angels and not fallen angels when speaking about this.

The nephilim, the demons have not been sent to hell or heaven. Instead they reside in dry places and the flesh of human beings and animals.

These beings find it easier to communicate with women because they have a natural relationship/affinity with women. Because of that, God restricted women in ministry. Jesus however went to the Cross and because of this women who are born again have been set free from the curse spoken toward them by God. So if I understood correctly women are no longer restricted.

Whoa I learned a lot.



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