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Endtime Ebook Library

By Pam Sheppard

You will not see the immediate truth of what I warn you about until you have your own revelation from the Lord. The Holy Ghost may use something that I write on this subject to  motivate a decision that you may have already been contemplating.  Nevertheless, no one can lead you out of the visible, organized church but the Holy Ghost.

The most dangerous churches are those where the people are supportive and dedicated to good works. It is hard to leave smiling faces who provide good music and helpful projects and programs.    After 25 years, I was led out. In fact, I literally had to be THROWN out when  MY time came because  “church”  had become “comfortable.” The Bishop and other church officers  had to mess with  my comfort zone for me to leave. Then again, “I had a dream.”  It was plain and it…

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