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Watching Christian TV Is Just As Dangerous As Church!

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Now that you have come out of the church, you find that you are still ‘searching,’ looking for a word to get you through the week.

So you sit in your recliner and press ‘POWER;’ the telly comes on and you surf the channels til you find a channel that can give you ‘a word.’

Plenty of people do that, innocently enough, because they feel a spiritual void that has been left open because they no longer attend a church where they are spoon fed lies, error and spiritual poison.

I used to do it, too.

But in the past five years or so-even before I left the church, I started to notice a trend on christian television.

The most popular doctrine(s) all began to focus on life in the here and now.  Many preachers left the topic of salvation alone, and ventured off into strange teachings about prosperity, destiny…

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