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My Vision For RESCUE: An Online Church

imageBy the founder, Pam Sheppard

I really don’t see RESCUE as a temporary place where the confused and the bound come to get some clarity and some freedom   in order to go off to themselves or back to the IC as the case may be.  I see RESCUE as a vital part of the BODY of Christ.

I see myself as using RESCUE as a vehicle  to build  leadership in the Body of Christ, where each one of you will grow, learn and develop into leaders who will administer your own group.

I see myself as one who will oversee the work of the leaders that I have trained and that I personally will substantially reduce my direct involvement in RESCUE, as I pursue other goals. So I am leading in order to lead the leaders I have trained.

Maybe my vision is too large.  With a guesstimate of 1 professing Christian in 10,000 or maybe even 100,000 actually being born again, this vision does not nearly seem large enough.  Well, only God knows.

In order for this vision  to materialize,  God might  do something miraculous for the people around the world to find us on the web.  Otherwise for this vision  to become a reality, thousands of dollars will be needed to market and advertise  so that we can be found.  I don’t see that happening when people who have  squandered untold thousands  tithing and “sowing seed” can’t find $50 a month to pay RESCUE dues.

Any thoughts?



. For more info, write to or call toll free: 1-888-818-1117 Books available at

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