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Is RESCUE Extreme or Revolutionary? By Pam Sheppard

There is a difference between being revolutionary and being extreme.  I do not consider What we teach here in RESCUE as extreme.

To be extreme in my mind is to be off balanced, weird or strange.  What I call extreme is to tell people who they should throw away their medication and walk by faith. what  I call extreme is telling people who if they don’t accept Jesus, that they are going to hell. What I consider extreme is to tell people to not live today and to wait on the rapture. what I consider extreme is to tell people who if they tithe, God will make them rich.

The message of RESCUE is quite balanced. Even though I have a revolutionary nature, it is manifested by reason, strategy and commonsense. No doubt, all of my life, I have been willing to dare to be different. By nature, I  Am not a conformist. By design, I am a rebel with a cause and my cause is truth. If there is even one falsehood in what I teach, I am willing to  topple it over and rebuild, even if I stand completely alone and without support because I made a mistake.

That  is the problem with the IC, particularly the Charismatics. They will die defending error because they are way too proud to say “this mess ain’t working and we have to forsake it.”  On the contrary, RESCUE has been in the making for three decades. As such, I have been recreated several times because of error. when error was discover, i toppled everything to the ground and started over. You see,  it  took all of 30 years to discover that I am called to set people free from the organized church in general, and deliverance ministry, in particular. that may seem extreme to some. But I call it revolutionary.

The mission of RESCUE, Delivering  the unsaved from the occult and the various cults that witchcraft has spawned is more palatable to most, than delivering churchgoers from “church.” Why. BECAUSE CHURCHFOLK ARE A LOT MORE EXTREME THAN I AM.

The  truth of the matter is that It is practically impossible for avid churchgoers to be convinced that the Lord has already judged their church and that unseen entities have defiled their altars like an envoy of maggots. It is practically impossible for people who have not only sacrificed decades of time, faith, energy and countless of their hard-earned dollars to even consider that their lifetime of faithful service has been in vain.

THEY are the extreme ones. Is it extreme to believe that what is impossible with men is possible for God? If  so, then, yes, I am extreme.



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