Membership Testimonies

If you are looking for an online fellowship as an option  to institutional church attendance, RESCUE is online to be used by the Holy Spirit to spiritually nurture and embrace you. So take a look at what our membership has to report.

Chrisi, 8 months a member: “RESCUE is a safe haven where people can come share their struggles and learn from one another. I have gained so many insights from what Pastor Pam and other RESCUE members have shared in posts and comments in the RESCUE private group. . I have learned so much…I am in a completely different place than I was before RESCUE. Before coming here, I was deep in religious bondage with blasphemous thoughts, fear that I had or would commit the eternal sin, compulsions to do religious rituals such as praying, fasting, and reading the bible, which ended up taking up most of my life. I would also pressure the people around me to become religious and start attending church with me and “accept Jesus into their heart.” Since coming to RESCUE, I have learned that a religious demon was causing me to do all these things obsessively, and that I was actually worshiping Jesus Sananda Immanuel rather than Jesus Christ of Nazareth. dramatically; my religious obsessions are for the most part gone; and I am waiting expectantly for my salvation. I am so glad that I found RESCUE. It is truly a place of support, encouragement, and learning.”

Jules: a member since 2012: When I met Pastor Pam, I was in torment with a lot of mental visions. I did not really understand why but I also understood that it was not normal. When the enemy was having his field day with me, I prayed almost every single day for guidance and understanding. I did this for four long years. In case I did not actively seek deliverance ministers I watched a youtuber by the name of Jaelhouse productions and she recommended Pastor Pam in one of her videos. Then I started watching Pam’s videos. I guess I must have watched at least a dozen or more videos before I called her. It was the best decision I ever made.

I was not attending any church when I met Pastor Pam yet I felt at the time that I was not “committing any gross sins.” She helped me understand that my former religious doctrines were unsound and false and not based on the TRUTH. Rescue allowed me to be honest and open without any judgment and that made such a huge difference. I knew my condition was demon-inspired and my closest people would not believe it. The church system is ill-equipped to deal with spiritual issues. I thank God for Pastor Pam and Rescue

Here are some other testimonies of RESCUE Members:blog_29

Angela: For many years I have not been able to sleep. About 5 years to be exact. Here lately I have been sleeping peaceful. Nothing running through my mind, just peace. I feel likewhat Pam was talking about before— that once you know the truth the demons just walk out, I am truly starting to see what she was talking about. Thanks RESCUE! Im not feeling spiritually weak anymore.

DOBY: RESCUE, I don’t know what to say. I felt like my entire life was on the verge of collapse and I thought I had to call Pastor Pam because I could not bare the spiritual pain anymore. I was in great emotional distress as that is how my spiritual gaping hole manifested itself. I was desperate to be delivered from the torment, yet step by step I realized that I had to address the underlying issues that caused the torment in the first place. It is like reluctantly trying to come to terms with reality. Now, a month and a half later, I can openly reveal that I feel much better. Pam is right. trying to abstain from certain physical activities is not the solution.

Maria: Last few days I’ve turned kinda bitchy and assertive like not willing to take people’s crap yet still nice and friendly to those who treat me nice but those that try take advantage I am no longer chasing. I don’t know what happd. but i love it. Hope it lasts. I let go of the obsessing and all the praying like you said all the stuff was doing was like withcraft and didn’t realize it. I know i’m not saved yet and alot work be done but just wanted share that the voices and torment has been better.

.Adi: Directing all of us to RESCUE and Pam is like a miracle in itself. Revealing the deception, sananda, the bondage, false doctrine and I could go on and on is more than amazing. The notion that He has chosen to prepare us for the receipt of the most wonderful gift, salvation,is sometimes overwhelming.

Barb: I have received major, major relief.The constant accusation has ceased. The freedom from this is indescribable. It was keeping me from the ability to receive the sleep without having to take medication, and have had a quietness inside all day.Also, the sexual pressure continues to fade.

 Tee: Rescue is EXACTLY the type of ministry I have been looking for and without church walls, it is enough for me. There is no religious bondage, it is a safe place, I can be myself without feeling judged, and it is a great place where we can learn from one another. Furthermore, it is a fellowship of like-minded individuals, and the wisdom and spiritual food offered here is much more effective than any experience I have ever had in church. It is AUTHENTIC. And truth is preached here.RESCUE truly is a rare jewel.

I am a damaged sheep whose ears were WIDE OPEN to the truth! I knew something was wrong, and was in hot pursuit of the truth. Because of RESCUE, the Lord has undeceived me, healed me, saved me, and has been using me ever since to preach truth to others who will hear. Today, I am being used powerfully by God to help rescue other damaged sheep by serving as a mentor to undeceive those the Lord chooses to send my way.

 Barb: In passively accepting my feelings of rejection, I have always in my soul assumed the blame for everything. But thanks to this ministry I see that it’s not only ok, but necessary to establish boundaries, and to maintain the healthy free will to make wise choices, and how dangerous passivity is. Never again will I say, as I have all my life, Everything is always my fault, or I am a worthless failure, because the enemy is glad to agree and send a spirit of accusation. I had lived with this for so long, and now I’m free of it.

 Crystal: Maybe it was God’s grace I found this place. How I found it was I knew I had to leave the church, I knew I needed deliverance, I also knew I needed counseling, I also knew I needed mentoring so ditched the thought of seeing that crazy guy and went back to my search on the internet with what I knew I needed and this was the only place that I found that could give me all of it.
I can honestly say that a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders since coming here. One is knowing that I don’t have to worry about doing things to try and get God’s approval. That was a lot of pressure. Another is the god in the church is not what God is like!
But if my anxiety is spiritual your right then I can get it cast out, if it is chemical well then I have a few things to do to deal with it.
Good because Pastor Pam and rescue have helped me more in one month then what any other ministry all put together has done in 30 years.

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17 thoughts on “Membership Testimonies

  1. Hi pam, i want to give you a call. i once posted last year under the nsme kross and im still in torment and need your help s you said you can help me make it go away. However im trying calling your number but i cant get through; im calling from outside your country so i need a number with a country code and other area codes if available.Please provide me with these i need to make the call. alterenatively contact me back on, thank you.

  2. Since November I have been struggling to get back with Jesus again, I feel like he left me and the enemy and demons are attacking me daily. I got saved when I was a teenager, was close to Jesus again when I had adrenal crises. I miss Jesus and love him so much. Please I need deliverance I don’t know what I did to deserve this when I love Jesus of Nazareth so much.

    1. it sounds to me like your relationship with Jesus was with the fake one who calls himself Jesus Sananda Immanuel. It is his classic tactic to approach teen Agers, come on strong, and then leave them high and dry. if you want to work with us, give me a call at 518-477-5759

  3. Pam, I think you are doing a good work but did you realize you are using the name of Government registered Non Profit ( 501 (c) (3) Corporation

    1. So what? But what does it matter? We are not a 501.c3 and have no intention to be one. Also there are many churches with the same name. Ie hundreds of St, Matthews as an example. Hundreds of Abundant Life as another example. this is the name of a blog. our ministry name is Pam Sheppard ministries and we pay taxes. Yet there is more than one Pam Sheppard ministries in this country!!! If it was not legal to have RESCUE as a name, WordPress would not have approved it.

  4. Pam,
    I was trying to be cooperative with you but your attitude seems to be one of combativeness. so you leave me no choice but to turn it over to our attorneys.

  5. Pam, I enjoyed my conversation with you Saturday. I look forward to our next session. Right now, I am trying to get the hang of setting up my site. Never used WordPress site ever. Hoping to learn more each day with RESCUE!

  6. Hi 🙂 I believe I was led to your videos, I have learnt so much!! I have found out so much in a couple of days that show me that I have lived for 24 yrs in deception in the assembly of god churchand other charismatic churches. I want to know more and would love to talk to you. Pls contact me, love in christ, Camilla 🙂 xx

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